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Your guide to conducting a hand arm vibration (HAV) risk assessment

Are powered hand held tools used in your business? And are they used excessively without controls? If so, your employees may risk life-changing injuries (such as hand arm vibration syndrome or HAVS) which could lead to HSE intervention and civil claims. So what are the risks of HAVS in your business? Legally, you should have assessed this. Have you done so? If not, and you do not know how to carry one out, then download our free guide on conducting a hand arm vibration risk assessment.

It explains:

  • what a risk assessment is.
  • when to carry one out.
  • the possible consequences of HAVS injuries.
  • what constituents a competent risk assessment.

A guide to Information, instruction, and training in hand arm vibration (HAV)

If your employees are exposed to vibration from powered hand held tools, and you lack effective exposure controls, they risk hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS), a potentially disabling injury. Your risk assessment (If you have carried a competent one out) should have informed you whether the risks were high enough to legally provide your employees suitable and sufficient information, instruction, and training on the topic of hand arm vibration.

So, who should provide it, and what should the content consist of? ….

A guide in how to recognise overprotection and what constitutes a good workplace noise risk assessment

If you’ve provided hearing protection to employees, have you evaluated whether it suits their working environment? Or, to play safe, have you simply provided overprotective hearing protection? This may prove to be fatal. Download a free guide that explains why overprotection may indeed be fatal.

There’s also a section on conducting a noise risk assessment in a noisy workplace to prevent hearing damage.

Earmuffs or Earplugs? What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

This factsheet will help you learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of these hearing protectors (earmuffs and earplugs). These advantages and disadvantages will depend upon the following:

  • the intended environment of use
  • ease of use
  • comfort factor

…amongst other things.