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Occupational Vibration

Frequent exposure to vibration emissions, through use of hand guided power tools such as angle grinders, impact wrenches, air chisels, strimmers and hedge cutters, if left unchecked will eventually lead to damage of the blood vessels and tissue in the hand and arms. This is what is commonly known as hand arm vibration (HAV) syndrome which is a debilitating and compensable injury. Employers are legally bound to minimise such risks to employee health under the Control of Vibration at Work Regulations (CoVAWR) (2005).

The regulations also apply to the situation of whole body vibration (WBV) where vibrations are transmitted through the seat or the feet of mobile machines and vehicles, which risks causing severe discomfort and possibly back pains or injury. The risks are elevated when the levels of vibration are high, includes shocks and jolts, and the duration of exposures are frequent, long, and regular. Examples of such scenarios include the use of ride on mowers, off road work as encountered in farming and construction, and long distance lorry/coach driving on roads.

Essel Acoustics has the necessary skills, competency, and specialised equipment to carry out hand arm and whole body vibration risk assessments to assist in compliance with CoVAWR using best practice methods, and in accordance with UK, European, and International standards (as required by the HSE).

We will:


equipment/processes that emit high vibration levels


which employees are at risk and why


how the risks to employees can be eliminated, controlled, or reduced


you with an action plan for compliance with the regulations


you aware of your duty to provide awareness, instruction, and training to employees

Essel Acoustics can also provide training in awareness of the hazards of high noise exposure and hand arm vibration at both operator and supervisor/manager levels.

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