Preventing injuries, claims and prosecution, from the hazards of vibrating tools

Date/time: Thursday 24th February 2022 @19:00 (GMT) (1 hour long)REGISTER NOW

  • Do employees in your organisation use hand held vibrating power tools on a regular and daily basis?
  • Do you realise that uncontrolled use of such equipment may result in hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) which can be a disabling and career ending injury?The HSE say that nearly 2 million people are at a risk of HAVS, which is one of their most commonly reported injuries.Six figure prosecution fines for HAVS are now common, and insurers reckon that civil claims are one of the biggest risks to businesses associated with hand arm vibration exposure. Prosecutions and litigation can affect the profit margins of a business.Are you confident that you’ve protected your employees against injury? What mechanisms have you in place to prevent prosecution and litigation? Does your business comply with the regulatory requirements?A 1 hour FREE webinar will be held to help you address the above questions, and suggest practical solutions, plus debunking some of the widely believed myths in the world of hand arm vibration.

There will be time included in the webinar to allow for questions and answers.

Who is the session intended for?

Those responsible for health and safety within organisations, staff supervisors, and business owners with a keen interest in health and safety.

About the presenter

Satish Lakhiani, a consultant from Essel Acoustics, helps businesses to protect against the ill effects of noise and vibration (hand arm and whole body), and also to avoid both civil claims and HSE intervention.

He has had over 20 years of experience in the field of noise and vibration as an engineer and then as a consultant.REGISTER NOW