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What is a risk assessment, when to recognise the need to carry one out, the consequences of not doing so, and what constitutes a good risk assessment?

Repeated exposure to vibration from operating power tools can lead to a condition known as hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS). HAVS is a collective term given to debilitating disorders of the blood vessels, joints, and connective tissues of the hand and lower arm. Once HAVS damage is done, it is permanent and irreversible, however it’s preventable. Unlike noise, which often accompanies vibration, there is no PPE. A careful risk assessment needs to be undertaken and appropriate control measures implemented.

What is a risk assessment?

The process or method of evaluating health and safety risks that have the potential of causing injury, illness or harm to people in your workplace.

A complimentary guide is available for download that provides the following information:

  • When to carry out a HAVS risk assessment and the possible consequences of not doing so
  • The machinery and tools implicated in HAVS together with the symptoms of HAVS
  • What constitutes a good or suitable and sufficient risk assessment


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